"Cooking is

like love...

it should 

be entered

into with


or not at


-Harriet van Horne

Robin's Little Cakery- Ordering

Cake Sizes and Prices

6" Round double (Serves 6-8)  $15 (Fondant $20)                             

8" Round double (Serves 10-12)  $25 (Fondant $35)

10" Round double (Serves 15-20)  $35 (Fondant $45)

12" Round double (Serves 20-30)  $45 (Fondant $55)

14" Round double (Serves 30-40)  $55 (Fondant $65)

16" Round double (serves 40-50)  $65 (Fondant $80)

1/4 Sheet double (Serves 20-30)  $45 (Fondant $55)

1/2 Sheet double (Serves 40-50)  $65 (Fondant $80)

Full Sheet double (Serves 80-100) $85 (Fondant $105)

Cupcakes: $20/dozen ($25+/dozen for fondant detail)

Cake Pops: $25/dozen ($30+/dozen for characters/detail)

 Contact me for prices on tiered or wedding cakes as well as 3D cake sculptures.

Prices will be estimated according to detail and design, including sugar modeling, gumpaste and fondant. Fillings are also available! Robin's Little Cakery delivers!
Robin's Little Cakery is always playing with new flavor ideas.  Contact me to discuss what you are looking for as far as cake flavor, fun fillings and frosting flavor. Here are some of my customer's favorites:

~Gold butter cake with buttercream frosting~

~Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting~

~Almond butter cake with raspberry jam filling and almond buttercream frosting~

~Lemon butter cake with blueberry jam filling and lemon buttercream frosting~

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